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HARYANA ROADWAYS, Technically speaking.

Till now, I thought that travelling via Haryana Roadways meant passive smoking but this time I suffered from passive technological exposure…
So I was on a Volvo Bus from Delhi to Chandigarh owing to flight cancellations ensued by humongous smog ,and as against my apprehension, the bus was neat and clean and had a semblance of civility and sanity…
All was well till my co- passenger claimed his seat beside me along with his heavily black eyelined and well oiled 4 year old son with voluminous woollens wrapped around him and took out his mobile..

And lo and behold, I was exposed to a 4 hour conversation that he started and resolved his business, family and religious issues. His Mobile seemed to have infinite battery. His child ensconced on his burly lap kept repeating whatever his dad said giving me a double dose of the whole saga… in the background some young ones watched punjabi movies on their mobile phones with not a care to use ear phones.
The bus stopped at karnal and the most beautiful part was that I got to drink masala chai and dunked nice biscuits copiously with slight winter creeping in,and combined it with some absolutely divine kadhi chawal.
It was one movie where interval brought more joy than the movie.



i am ritu garg

The Female Of The Species.

The female of the Species

I am christened the  better half.

I am the seed in a heap of chaff.

In me lies all the matter.

I am  the spirit and I  am the letter.

All worldly affairs engender from me.

I am Sita, Durga,Parvati and Draupadi

I commit like Gandhari

I renunciate like kunti

I am pure like Sita.

I am the essence of Gita

I am  an artist’s muse

I am a king’s ruse.

I am gregarious

I am imperious

ritu pictures
These selfies of mine led me to write this poem.

I am a danseuse par excellence.

I am blessed with wisdom immense.

I am an actress

I am a seductress

I am the goodness incarnate

I am the love and  I am the hate

I am  complex and I am Spartan.

I  bewitch  with utmost elan.

I am a worshipped  deity.

I ensure my clan’s safety.

slim modaks for bappa and me —


“We fast and we feast. We remember our mythological and historical past with a repast”
I quipped when someone asked me how Indians celebrate their festivals on a trip to Iceland four years back The question was quite unexpected but I was surprised at my own answer.
Next one hour, I kept reflecting and rejoicing vicariously on the collective feeling of festivities that these festivals bring.
So September is here, and almost every house in Mumbai is gearing up to welcome Bappa.
Bappa, you have become quite health conscious I reckon. I saw a few of your idols sporting six packs- Bappa super-it is never too late!
Bappa, you know corpulence suits you- after all you are called lambodar and vakratunda, you see.
Your unique disposition makes you so endearing–
Packs and no packs ,you seem to be always. smiling and gracious.

i do not  believe in  engaging  dieticians for weight loss- you see- I would do that if she could starve on my behalf-

Bappa this year, I promise you , I will fill my pantry and refrigerator wilth all low glycemic index products.
so that my lips enjoy and hips do not curse me.
and you know, I found this place called Mystique Confections. They make beautiful healthy stuff.modak image

I will airdrop you their address , if you want.
Their modaks are made with dry fruits an banana flour- traditional Prasad with a contemporary twist.
and they are super tasty-
you know Bappa, banana is so auspicious and pure for Indian festivals–
and banana flour provides requisite fibre to the body and is completely gluten free.

Bappa , you are my conscience keeper from the time I heard this song as a child from the movie Dard Ka Rishta where Sunil Dutt is going for immersing your idol in water and his ailing daughter is really critical and the song that is played is Mere Man Mandir Mein Tum Bhagwan rahe, mere dukh se tum kaise anjaan rahe–

truly bappa,  let me absorb your goodness, confidence,determination to be glowing and smiling like you
– you inspire me to pray
-you inspire me to keep my promises.
so this year my promise to you is that I will achieve fitness not by starving but by choosing my foods intelligently and cautiously. I will make new recipes with banana flour and loose my weight by looking forward to eating–
and I know that you will bless me this year with determination to do so and mental strength to carry out my promises to you–

My Diet is all bananas – and I am loosing it- not my mind but weight–!!!

“Let me take you far away—.“ This number from famous  Scorpions  means a lot to me . This song  can turn even the messiest of places romantic  and sensuous. It transports one in  an angelic space where everything mundane seems to pale into insignificance and what remains is just energy of love and desire. after all , this song makes one feel wanted, desired and sought after

It uplifts one from the  rough and tumble  and shows the world from a nascent, wanted, fresh feeling.
I thrive on music but will die without food-
Pals! Good and soulful music can  repair and rejuvenate a grazed soul but not a grazed tummy.  I sincerely believe that the genesis of true happiness is a healthy  and  satiated stomach.

Mind  and spirit also feed on healthy food! You see! And not alone on good thoughts and wishes!

Mind is an ingredient too!

The following tips will help you ENJOY your food–

-Eat your food with absolute mind consciousness- every bite counts— like every penny counts–

-Train your mind in getting satisfied with less.

-Choose Balance over Abstinence

-Now is as important as the Then-

-Health and Taste are not mutually exclusive–

My Diet Rules- never throw the baby with the bath water


  • Love of food is universal.
  •   I neither live to eat or eat to live but definitely love to eat and eat to love!
  • Gluttony is a sin but Gourmet food is sacrosanct!
  • No crash  diets but conscious diets.
  • Food feeds our soul too.
  • Plating is as important as palate
  • Keep discovering new options.

My Discovery of the year

I am sure that we all have our own soul foods and they help us in a very holistic way.

So I will share my soul food, my whole food with you here.


whenever I have a tummy that rumbles , I reach out for this healthy, happy, unassuming, humble fruit called banana and it soothes my tummy and seems to sing- “let me take you far away—“

There  is more to banana, then simply eating it as a fruit.


Raw banana  can be made into flour and can be used  as a perfect alternative to wheat and refined flour

And this raw banana  flour removes the following from your diet






Bakers can rejoice at this new discovery-now they too can join the healthy food club. For the longest time, baking has been the bane for the ingredients that are used.

While bakers enthusiastically kept working up the gluten by beating their batter skilfully, dieters  and health food experts continued to beat the bakers for using unhealthy ingredients.

Bakers have been really trying to bake their cakes in a healthier way .

Sugar has been replaced with raw sugar and other healthier alternatives – but it was the grain part that was a challenge.






But there is one Baker in Mumbai who is set to change the face of baking —

yes, she has a range of products under her kadhali range , where you can see her amazing range of gourmet treats made with raw banana flour.

She is even making mithais called laddios using raw banana flour–

She is right now the master of my pantry and leading me to a wholesome living—



banana flour leads to grain free, guilt

Wash, dry, iron and burn..

“Ha! Don’t cringe, just singe” Uimagenruly, unsightly, dry, rough..
I will burn them.. Flame them .. Tame them.. They will do well with candle therapy.., you see .”She croaked and her red eyeliner made her look more and more crimson , almost. Dragon in fashion… Femme fatale..!!

For once, I thought she was inebriated and may be sleep deprived. But indeed she was not. In fact, she looked all charged up and her colour ombré of green and red bangs added density and layers to her disposition..”

She continued,”
. Her freshly done colour ombré with green and red bangs..Belle, I am going to go to Brazil to learn velaterapia.. ”
Ah,” I interrupted, you wanna learn dance.. Some Brazilian dance..?” I questioned..
“, Nope, Ri,I don’t dance.. Life itself is a dance.. No need to learn.. I want to learn to burn to earn..”
“You know Brazil gave us keratin and protein treatments other then coffee and banoffee , . And while we experiment with that..
They are already rediscovering therapies.”

she was now giving an impassioned speech.

“Yes velaterapia is a therapy for damaged and stressed hair due to chemical treatment..
Iron them, dry them, burn them..,”

she comcluded.

Google says
Velaterapia is a process in which the hair is separated into small sections, twisted, and then put under a flame. The burning causes the damaged parts of the hair to stick out: They are then trimmed, and the rest of the hair is given a deep, conditioning treatment. The burning supposedly opens up the hair follicle, making it “more receptive to nutrients, in turn making the conditioning treatment even more effective. It takes three and a half hours, and loyalists get it done about every four months. No word on the smell.

Usha Narayan


So the Friday began with a lexical  serendipity which later happened to be biological and then pathological and then quite logical. Ha! This happened while I was sitting with my GP and explaining to her my malady and she quipped,’ You seem to have Plantar Fasciitis. “And  I interjected with an air of palpable over-confidence,” No, doc, I don’t  have any such plant in my house…..”  She hurried to correct me.”No, I meant in your foot.”  I stood up with a startle thinking there is an insect in my foot with that name.” She was exasperated by now but putting her best self forward, she said,’Ri, you are inflammed in your right heel and medical term for that is PF. “ We both shared a smile and she genuinely went head over heels to advice  me on rehabilitation and healing of the affected heel.  

So I am supposed to be grounded for 6 weeks minimum and only walking allowed is to deal with matters of utmost necessity which you all know what they are.


With me being grounded, my lofty plan got grounded too. Ha! You see , my  newspaper last week reported how people at workplace are being encouraged to stand and work , it helps them not turn into office potatoes , a term coined by me.So, I was wondering how it is going to work with writers.

Can one stand and write? May be, we will have Writing kiosks in the future.  I was amused with the moniker of Mr Standie given to a person  when he was mostly seen standing at work.

I am supposed to rest my heal and not lament the lemons and instead make a lemonade. . So I surrounded myself with my unread  newspapers, magazines and decided to peruse them. Well-wishers suggested the option of watching TV but I am not longer into listening while seeing mode.

I am thinking of ways of saving me from turning into a  couch potato and then I thought of one of my dear friend’s  innovative start up with the name Couch Tomato. I loved the name. Healthier. Lycopene Rich. This website brings home entrepreneurs and households together . I downloaded their app and savoured some proud moments which come when someone known to you starts something so innovative and useful. And then I checked out their Wellness tab. It offered me a high that they have categorised content writing in wellness! I have got work. I am going to register on my friend’s webbie.

I played the ethereal music of Massan   on my laptop.  Varun Grover actually took a boat trip in Ganga in Benares to get inspired. Wow, Bollywood!  Sanity over vanity. Music bowled me over but  I landed safe and sound. tablas-1446408-m

I made  copious notes while sipping my adrak chai  and reading newspaper . Once in a way, I looked outside the window, the sky was  overcast but did not  translate into the rains which the month of  July is known for.It  seemed to me a case of infected bladder of the sky.Urge to pass but not coming full throttle.

And then I clicked a few selfies.image  Since the time our Prime Minister started the selfie campaign for daughters, I find taking a selfie more than a time pass. A simple act of self indulgence seems politically affected.And to add to it   this statement on selfie by Zine Jezenel -‘ Selfies are not empowering . They are a high tech reflection of the fucked up way society teaches women that  their most important quality is their physical attractiveness.”

with so much riding over selfie, I decided to spend some time on moment cam. Their is lightness in making your own cartoons!!

The newspapers  are always flush with articles on Marriage.    It was pleasure to read about weddingmoons. Yes, a holiday taken together by the couple before marriage to know each other !

Has it become so difficult to make a marriage success?

Some amusing pieces caught my eye. The humble salt is getting haughtier and hottier. Yes after being a bête noire of doctors, it has found a safe haven in salt spas.

The meditation world is getting fancier and fancier. Read about Gong Shower. The mention itself acts as a release. I reached out to my own gong which I use for my Buddhist  chanting and moved the stick over the brass urn. The vibrations released were beautiful. It was extremely therapeutic.

 UNDO SEND! Yes, Gmail has gone one step further in user friendliness. You can undo           send of your email which you sent by mistake or in a moment of desperation. You can call it back. It is no longer  kaman se nikla hua teer!

Heard about  Ministry of New.? check out or ask me in comments. or share with me what you found out.

so hope you enjoyed the misal , please spike the misal with your inputs. your comments will add flavour to this misal.

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