March 2015

It was lollapalooza. My recently coiffured mane has hint of some Juice. So when warmth, attention, personal touch are poured into one’s hair, the concoction turns out to be a salubrious juice for your crownimageAnd that’s exactly what they do at Juice.

Juice,a well appointed spacious salon in Century Bazaar in Worli ensconced between Nature’s Basket and Starbucks.The name incidentally fits in beautifully with the names of its neighbours. I had spotted it on my trip to adjacent Nature’s basket and was glad at my serendipity. So when I did not get an appointment with my long time hair dresser in Bandra, I thought of buying Juice,nay, trying Juice.I entered with a slight apprehension as I was short on time and long on expectations. But as soon as I stepped in, a winsome and well turned out girl greeted me with a personable smile and a sound handshake and after understanding my requirements, she quickly put me onto some capable and competent hairdresser .The amiable hair dresser was modest, receptive, confident and agile.He understood what I wanted pretty fast and was able to do it.
In between, the salon director kept visiting my station and shared that what I should do for my next hair cut . It was such a personal and self assuring conversation.

She offered me piping hot coffee which added to the whole experience and truly rejuvenated my spirits.
What further added to my experience was their nail art services.
The stylist did it with extreme precision and perfection and did not make me feel bad about my zig zag nails and their inability to grow without breaking… Unassuming but highly competent, she brought shine and life to my rustic nails.

So juice is the way to go for me. Their reasonable price for services and various offers make it a great value for money place besides the style quotient that one enjoys by visiting this parlour.
Guys go for it. You will come back informed and transformed and pampered and tempered only to become more You than you knew….
Go for it.image
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Did you wear a saree today?

Five metres overall
One size fits all.

Abundant like infinity
Saviour of Draupadi
Drape of dignity
Expression of divinity.

Accentuating Relief
Of feminine physique
Traditional in belief
Yet contemporary and unique.

Dress and canvas
History and mystery
Motifs and tapestry
Of a culture and country.

Named after regions

Named after work

Pride of india
Along with Bindiya!

Share of sky
For me to tie
And to tame
Around my frame.

Saree is indeed a celebration of richness of fabric , of art and craft. It’s a canvass to display the culture and richness of a civilisation.

So whoever invented saree really knew that its in the vastness of the fabric wrapped around a woman that her sexuality, her womanhood and her feminine sensuality gets accentuated .
At the cost of being labelled xenophobic, I would still like to claim that I have never feel more woman that when I wear a saree..
Go for it…


Eat with mind not with mouth

Proof of pudding is in eating. And proof of eating is in the size of one’s posterior and anterior. A moment on lips after all is permanent on hips unless you drop dead on the treadmill faster than it converts ┬áinto blob of flesh. After an endless struggle to loose weight, I have finally stopped listening to my palate and starting listening to my mind which I have trained to think that less is more..believe me it has worked.. These are some of the tips.. Go for tasting portions, eat slow, eat in full awareness, don’t look to drown your stress in food as stress knows how to swim and eat with complete mind consciousness…..

Fifty drops of joy

Subject: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus scent
And potent.
Fifty drops
When totalled.
Your fragrant gift
Meant to uplift
My dampened spirit
When your memories hit.
I just smell the scent
Amidst emotional descent
And as a comeuppance
I feel your vicarious presence
I feel
your warmth
Your love
Your touch
Your clutch
I reach a heavenly trance
And with your kindred spirit
I dance

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