“Ha! Don’t cringe, just singe” Uimagenruly, unsightly, dry, rough..
I will burn them.. Flame them .. Tame them.. They will do well with candle therapy.., you see .”She croaked and her red eyeliner made her look more and more crimson , almost. Dragon in fashion… Femme fatale..!!

For once, I thought she was inebriated and may be sleep deprived. But indeed she was not. In fact, she looked all charged up and her colour ombré of green and red bangs added density and layers to her disposition..”

She continued,”
. Her freshly done colour ombré with green and red bangs..Belle, I am going to go to Brazil to learn velaterapia.. ”
Ah,” I interrupted, you wanna learn dance.. Some Brazilian dance..?” I questioned..
“, Nope, Ri,I don’t dance.. Life itself is a dance.. No need to learn.. I want to learn to burn to earn..”
“You know Brazil gave us keratin and protein treatments other then coffee and banoffee , . And while we experiment with that..
They are already rediscovering therapies.”

she was now giving an impassioned speech.

“Yes velaterapia is a therapy for damaged and stressed hair due to chemical treatment..
Iron them, dry them, burn them..,”

she comcluded.

Google says
Velaterapia is a process in which the hair is separated into small sections, twisted, and then put under a flame. The burning causes the damaged parts of the hair to stick out: They are then trimmed, and the rest of the hair is given a deep, conditioning treatment. The burning supposedly opens up the hair follicle, making it “more receptive to nutrients, in turn making the conditioning treatment even more effective. It takes three and a half hours, and loyalists get it done about every four months. No word on the smell.