Most people want to loose it. Is it money? Power? Fame? Fortune? Only perverse or an austere would want to loose any of the above, on the contrary, it is more the merrier.With either or all the above, one can easily throw one’s weight around. Still they want to loose it . Yes, that one thing which drives people insanely is their weight. Weight is what everyone wants to loose. In fact, quite interestingly, the lesser one weighs, weightier one’s presence is. endeavour to loose weight has led to the birth of orthorexics and anorexics.orthorexics are those who are obsessed with their diet and wouldn’t change its quality, quantity , colour, texture under any circumstances and anorexics we all know. The fact that it is called a disease explains the pathology of anorexia nervosa. Did you hear samosa? It’s a sacrilege to mention samosa to an orthorexic and even worse to ananorexic. Oh so so sorry for causing you all preplexia ( sic) .. I said sic not sick…modern society drives every desire to pathological levels . Whatever happened to the concept of moderation . Good enough is no longer good. The best is only the best and no one wants the rest. less than best is sheer mediocrity and is not looked upon well. comfort is considered complacence, risk takers don’t look for comfort for if it’s comfortable, it’s not challenging and. More the challenges , more the gain of loss… I also want to gain some loss… Hope you have survived this preplexia….