“We fast and we feast. We remember our mythological and historical past with a repast”
I quipped when someone asked me how Indians celebrate their festivals on a trip to Iceland four years back The question was quite unexpected but I was surprised at my own answer.
Next one hour, I kept reflecting and rejoicing vicariously on the collective feeling of festivities that these festivals bring.
So September is here, and almost every house in Mumbai is gearing up to welcome Bappa.
Bappa, you have become quite health conscious I reckon. I saw a few of your idols sporting six packs- Bappa super-it is never too late!
Bappa, you know corpulence suits you- after all you are called lambodar and vakratunda, you see.
Your unique disposition makes you so endearing–
Packs and no packs ,you seem to be always. smiling and gracious.

i do not  believe in  engaging  dieticians for weight loss- you see- I would do that if she could starve on my behalf-

Bappa this year, I promise you , I will fill my pantry and refrigerator wilth all low glycemic index products.
so that my lips enjoy and hips do not curse me.
and you know, I found this place called Mystique Confections. They make beautiful healthy stuff.modak image

I will airdrop you their address , if you want.
Their modaks are made with dry fruits an banana flour- traditional Prasad with a contemporary twist.
and they are super tasty-
you know Bappa, banana is so auspicious and pure for Indian festivals–
and banana flour provides requisite fibre to the body and is completely gluten free.

Bappa , you are my conscience keeper from the time I heard this song as a child from the movie Dard Ka Rishta where Sunil Dutt is going for immersing your idol in water and his ailing daughter is really critical and the song that is played is Mere Man Mandir Mein Tum Bhagwan rahe, mere dukh se tum kaise anjaan rahe–

truly bappa,  let me absorb your goodness, confidence,determination to be glowing and smiling like you
– you inspire me to pray
-you inspire me to keep my promises.
so this year my promise to you is that I will achieve fitness not by starving but by choosing my foods intelligently and cautiously. I will make new recipes with banana flour and loose my weight by looking forward to eating–
and I know that you will bless me this year with determination to do so and mental strength to carry out my promises to you–