Till now, I thought that travelling via Haryana Roadways meant passive smoking but this time I suffered from passive technological exposure…
So I was on a Volvo Bus from Delhi to Chandigarh owing to flight cancellations ensued by humongous smog ,and as against my apprehension, the bus was neat and clean and had a semblance of civility and sanity…
All was well till my co- passenger claimed his seat beside me along with his heavily black eyelined and well oiled 4 year old son with voluminous woollens wrapped around him and took out his mobile..

And lo and behold, I was exposed to a 4 hour conversation that he started and resolved his business, family and religious issues. His Mobile seemed to have infinite battery. His child ensconced on his burly lap kept repeating whatever his dad said giving me a double dose of the whole saga… in the background some young ones watched punjabi movies on their mobile phones with not a care to use ear phones.
The bus stopped at karnal and the most beautiful part was that I got to drink masala chai and dunked nice biscuits copiously with slight winter creeping in,and combined it with some absolutely divine kadhi chawal.
It was one movie where interval brought more joy than the movie.