The female of the Species

I am christened the  better half.

I am the seed in a heap of chaff.

In me lies all the matter.

I am  the spirit and I  am the letter.

All worldly affairs engender from me.

I am Sita, Durga,Parvati and Draupadi

I commit like Gandhari

I renunciate like kunti

I am pure like Sita.

I am the essence of Gita

I am  an artist’s muse

I am a king’s ruse.

I am gregarious

I am imperious

ritu pictures
These selfies of mine led me to write this poem.

I am a danseuse par excellence.

I am blessed with wisdom immense.

I am an actress

I am a seductress

I am the goodness incarnate

I am the love and  I am the hate

I am  complex and I am Spartan.

I  bewitch  with utmost elan.

I am a worshipped  deity.

I ensure my clan’s safety.