February 2015

Boarding it

I am at tenterhooks. After all, the boy is writing his first big exam.Yes I am talking about the hallowed class X ICSE exams.The revered exam marks the culmination of twelve years of schooling and also hence will require a replacement of the word ‘My kid ‘ from my refrain about him. He is sixteen and almost at the threshold of adulthood and there by no account a kid anymore.
Well, that’s another story that a child will always remain a child for his parents as much as forty plus me remains a child to my mother.
The only difference here is that I am still chided and reprimanded by my mother whereas it is the other way round at my end. Arre baba, generation gap, the authorities on relationships would say. And I wonder, the whole concept of generation gap is such a safety valve for all shocks that a young adolescent’s trappings can give you…
Anyways, so as I said I am all soaked in jitters for his exams, the boy is all chilled. My jitters are emanating from unknown fears.. “What if…?”I am scared even to enlist any of those unfounded fears. All I can reveal is that my weight loss programme has gone for a mighty toss and my night cravings have come back with a vengeance. Depression not in my mind but in my chocolate boxes..
Big time.. Another comfort food is Nutella and cashews..both are heavy weights and are definitely an anathema of the dieters..
Having said that,while I am dealing with my inner quest, I interact with him from a space of complete functionality.. So I start hovering around him with lemon ginger honey concoction and feel so gratified once he has it as if God has accepted my Prashad.. Another challenge is water..the boy drinks milk when he is thirsty.. And after attending umpteen vegan workshops, I feel as if he is drinking poison..but I shun the thought by overarching thought that the whole world drinks milk and veganism is good to intellectualise but no hurry to get into it… Period.I know my timing well now.. So I am now wise as to when to back off and when to assert and even exert.. With him being around due to preparatory, our relationship has achieved a new balance… We give each other their respective spaces.. We agree to disagree .. And respect it that way.. For we know whatever our differences, the goal is common and there is no conflict of interests… And we move on…..

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18 years of togetherness

Eighteen years of being tutored as to how to handle my handbag and where to put what in the inner maze hasn’t changed me a bit.I still carry trivia in my bag which he thinks doesn’t leave any space for his iPad . He is fully convinced that almost ninety percent of things in my bag are redundant.And what hits my pride the most is his constant refrain that now sunglasses can be taken away from the bag as I have full progressive spectacles now. one of . They are my lip balm.,my sunglasses since I have specs now. But he doesn’t know how secure I feel when I carry these things. They are trappings which are the hallmark of women’s liberation, you see. As it is, it petrifies him to see me emerging out of my dressing room with a shiny zari Potli while he so optimistvly awaits to shove his iPad in.. And I tell him I can’t take a haversack with my Anita dongre’s egg helm dress, he quips philosophically that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication..for heaven’s sake , even the biggest lesson in simplicity never told me to that cat walk is best done in sports shoes!! Finally we agree on a mid size bag.. So when I remove the contents of my Potli simmering with the pain of letting go my Meera mahadevian

clutch .. He sees house keys and iphone in the same compartment and what goes is a spiel as to how the keys can spoil the screen of the phone and how in the same way I am capable of spoiling my precious watches.
The marriage of 18 years has reassured me that most men are from Mars and most women are from Venus and their thinking space is totally different.. And I wonder at the beauty of institution of marriage .. That you marry your partner simply for his good habits and spend your married life correcting those very habits….

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