“Let me take you far away—.“ This number from famous  Scorpions  means a lot to me . This song  can turn even the messiest of places romantic  and sensuous. It transports one in  an angelic space where everything mundane seems to pale into insignificance and what remains is just energy of love and desire. after all , this song makes one feel wanted, desired and sought after

It uplifts one from the  rough and tumble  and shows the world from a nascent, wanted, fresh feeling.
I thrive on music but will die without food-
Pals! Good and soulful music can  repair and rejuvenate a grazed soul but not a grazed tummy.  I sincerely believe that the genesis of true happiness is a healthy  and  satiated stomach.

Mind  and spirit also feed on healthy food! You see! And not alone on good thoughts and wishes!

Mind is an ingredient too!

The following tips will help you ENJOY your food–

-Eat your food with absolute mind consciousness- every bite counts— like every penny counts–

-Train your mind in getting satisfied with less.

-Choose Balance over Abstinence

-Now is as important as the Then-

-Health and Taste are not mutually exclusive–

My Diet Rules- never throw the baby with the bath water


  • Love of food is universal.
  •   I neither live to eat or eat to live but definitely love to eat and eat to love!
  • Gluttony is a sin but Gourmet food is sacrosanct!
  • No crash  diets but conscious diets.
  • Food feeds our soul too.
  • Plating is as important as palate
  • Keep discovering new options.

My Discovery of the year

I am sure that we all have our own soul foods and they help us in a very holistic way.

So I will share my soul food, my whole food with you here.


whenever I have a tummy that rumbles , I reach out for this healthy, happy, unassuming, humble fruit called banana and it soothes my tummy and seems to sing- “let me take you far away—“

There  is more to banana, then simply eating it as a fruit.


Raw banana  can be made into flour and can be used  as a perfect alternative to wheat and refined flour

And this raw banana  flour removes the following from your diet






Bakers can rejoice at this new discovery-now they too can join the healthy food club. For the longest time, baking has been the bane for the ingredients that are used.

While bakers enthusiastically kept working up the gluten by beating their batter skilfully, dieters  and health food experts continued to beat the bakers for using unhealthy ingredients.

Bakers have been really trying to bake their cakes in a healthier way .

Sugar has been replaced with raw sugar and other healthier alternatives – but it was the grain part that was a challenge.






But there is one Baker in Mumbai who is set to change the face of baking —

yes, she has a range of products under her kadhali range , where you can see her amazing range of gourmet treats made with raw banana flour.

She is even making mithais called laddios using raw banana flour–

She is right now the master of my pantry and leading me to a wholesome living—





banana flour leads to grain free, guilt