Five metres overall
One size fits all.

Abundant like infinity
Saviour of Draupadi
Drape of dignity
Expression of divinity.

Accentuating Relief
Of feminine physique
Traditional in belief
Yet contemporary and unique.

Dress and canvas
History and mystery
Motifs and tapestry
Of a culture and country.

Named after regions

Named after work

Pride of india
Along with Bindiya!

Share of sky
For me to tie
And to tame
Around my frame.

Saree is indeed a celebration of richness of fabric , of art and craft. It’s a canvass to display the culture and richness of a civilisation.

So whoever invented saree really knew that its in the vastness of the fabric wrapped around a woman that her sexuality, her womanhood and her feminine sensuality gets accentuated .
At the cost of being labelled xenophobic, I would still like to claim that I have never feel more woman that when I wear a saree..
Go for it…